Rattiya Na Nongkhai
Managing Director


Custom Built Homes by Udon Home Sales

We have been constructing homes in Udon Thani for over a decade now. We use only quality materials and work with you and our architect to build exactly the type home you wish to live in. Here are a few of the homes we've built, followed by an illustrated description of our construction process.

Finished Homes

Construction Process

After driving 7 m long pilings to refusal below each column location in the house to provide for a very stable foundation, the steel reinforced concrete frame is created. Termite piping is then installed around the perimeter of each room. Termite liquid can then be sprayed under the flooring by a professional exterminator annually such that the house will always remain termite free.

Steel reinforced concrete planks are then laid over the concrete foundation. Note that there will always be an air gap between the soil and the flooring for insulation. Additional steel reinforcing is then incorporated into the solid concrete floor which is poured to create a very solid floor for the house.

The walls are constructed using foamed concrete blocks which are stronger than brick and also have superior insulating properties to minimize the electric air conditioning usage. Steel beams are then welded to form the structure for the roof prior to the roofing tiles being installed.

Houses are wired for 3 phase electric 100 amp service which is sufficient to support multiple air conditioners and hot water heaters. Each bathroom and the Kitchen have hidden multi-point hot water heaters to provide hot water to all faucets and showers.

Granite countertops are used in all bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchens are all furnished with beautiful custom built wooden cabinets. All houses use solid hardwood doors with matching wood trim so that wood finish in the kitchen, built in wardrobes and doors all match.

Built in wardrobes and a vanity are also included in a dressing area between the master bedroom and master bath.

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